D2T & LE 30 Day - Immediate Access Bootcamp

Decided to Thrive (D2T) has teamed up with Life Elevated and Matt and Sheena Hammer to bring you the ultimate 30 Day Bootcamp!

 This bootcamp is packed with value:

  • Our certified dietitian has put together an amazing shopping list, meal plans and recipe book for you.
  • Our certified trainer has created workouts for both men and women. So whether you are looking to bulk up or lean out, we have the right workouts for you.
  • You'll also get access to our video tutorials to help you with your mindset.
  • We have a private Facebook group that you'll get access to. We will be doing question and answer sessions and provide you with support.
  • We have everything you need to make a lifestyle change that will last a lifetime!
  • We have special pricing that won't last long put in the coupon code ONLY97 at checkout and get $100 off the Bootcamp.  

Checkout my own results (Kristy Sunday):

and my husband's results (Logan Sunday):

Check out some of our happy clients:

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